Who We Are

Tariq Bujasaim

Tariq graduated from Stanford University with a BS degree in Computer Science in 1994 and subsequently earned a license in Islamic Studies from Dubai College of Islamic Studies. Tariq has worked in the Dubai Ruler's Court, the Dubai Islamic Bank, and the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities.

Tariq is also a founder and former partner in Infofort, the Middle East's first records management company.

Adel Khatib

Co-Owner, Technical Instructor
Adel graduated from San Fransisco Golden Gate University with a degree in International Business and Marketing concentration. Started diving in 1994 in the Gulf of Aqaba. Since then Adel has logged over 2500 dives in waters including the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Mediterranean, Carribean, Red Sea, Black Sea and Arabian and Gulf of Oman Submarine pilot for the "Idabel" and the "C-BUG" for the Roatan Institute of Deep Sea Exploration.

M. Chantal Rodriguez

Marine Biologist, Emergency First Response Instructor
Chantal is a qualified Honduran Marine Biologist who is fluent in Spanish, English and French. Among her achievements is the John Muir "The Conserver Award" 1997 for her vast experience on Marine Resources and Coral Reefs Research. Chantal started diving in 1996 with the Honduran Navy and continued her diving education to Open Water Scuba Instructor. Combining her two passions, diving and marine biology, Chantal has had the opportunity to travel and work for Honduran and International Institutions such as The Bay Islands Environmental Management Plan Project (PMAIB), The Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT), The French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), Coral Cay Conservation (CCC), Aggressor Fleet Live aboard, TGI, Ocean Connections.

Mouna Jumean

Mouna brings a rich knowledge of Arab and Western culture and extensive experience in event planning and translation. A citizen of Jordan, Mouna received her education at Kansas State University in the United States. Organizations she has worked with include Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Regional Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development in the Near East, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and the Hotel Intercontinental Amman. Mouna and her husband, Stephen, have one son, Sinane.